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Frequently Asked Questions

About Birth
About Postpartum
About Placenta Encapsulation
About Babywearing

Q: Why did you become a doula?

A:  In my heart, I've been a doula forever. Compassion is one of my core values and I instinctively reach out to those around me to offer what help I can. After struggling with a difficult birth experience and a lack of postpartum support when my first child arrived I was left with a deep empathy for families navigating these milestones.

Q: How many births have you attended?

A: As of spring 2018 I have attended 42 births and birthed 2 children of my own; 24+ hours of natural labor with each of my 2 babies is a very hands on kind of work experience in this profession.

Q: What is your philosophy as a birth professional?


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