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Like so much of parenting in our culture, babywearing is a skill we are expected to master in the moment. While all commercial baby carriers come with instructions, when it comes to babywearing, there really is no replacement for one-on-one instruction with a knowledgeable and caring educator.

I loved wearing my daughter and did so for most of the first 3 years of her life, but in the early days I didn’t know about all the babywearing resources that existed and had some real struggles. I would love to help families with early education so they can feel confident and comfortable wearing their baby as soon as they are ready. My babywearing education and consultation work are based on training with the Center for Babywearing Studies.


The goal of a private Babywearing Consultation is to give clients personalized instruction so that they can become more proficient and confident in carrying their baby. Consults are offered prenatally (with the use of a weighted demonstration doll) or after baby arrives depending on the desires of your family. I work closely with my clients to make sure I understand their particular needs and lifestyle. I feel strongly that once a parent has the right tools for the job, they will achieve success. After your consultation I will follow-up on your babywearing journey via email at no additional charge.


Consultations will include:

• An overview of the five main types of carriers (Ring Sling, Stretchy Wrap, Woven Wrap, Mei Tai, and Soft Structured Carrier)

• Help choosing a carrier type to meet your needs

• Information on proper positioning for baby’s development and parent’s comfort

• Use of a weighted demonstration doll to practice carries

• Step by step, hands on instruction of at least one carrying position (front carry, hip carry, or back carry)


Private In-Home Babywearing Consultations are a 90 to 120-minute full course in babywearing including hands-on instruction with your own carriers and/or demo carriers I will provide. Cost is $90 to travel to your home in the South Bay, Westside, or Long Beach areas.

Mother backwearing toddler in Ergobaby carrier
Parent wearing smiling baby in Girasol Light Rainbow Ring Sling
Mother and baby boy share a tender moment in the limited edition Karin Frost Ergobaby Original carrier

Private Babywearing Clinic Days are a scheduled event where each family receives a 20-minute time slot for a quick course in one carrier of their choosing. You can either bring one you currently have or choose one of my demonstration carriers. Reservations must be made in advance and all events can be located through the BioMama Facebook page; the cost is sliding scale $10-20 and clinic locations vary by date.


Use the contact form to make any inquiries or schedule your private consultation today!

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