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A mother and doula cradling her baby


I am Erin Carter of BioMama Birth and Mama Care and I believe that women are, biologically and spiritually, perfectly equipped to bring new life into the world through birth. I have the highest respect for the abilities of women and their partners to educate themselves, to make their own choices, and to birth their babies. My role is to support and facilitate the birth and postpartum experience you desire and to help smooth the bumps in the road that can accompany this wonderful and unpredictable life event.


I come to birth work from a science background; I spent more than 8 years researching development and genetics at UCLA, USC, and in the private sector. However, the birth of my daughter changed my life and showed me the immense value of experienced support for women and families in the perinatal period. I completed my Birth Doula training through DONA International and am a certified doula and member in good standing. My postpartum doula training was through CAPPA and I am currently working towards certification.


Since working as a doula allows me to hear the most common concerns of new parents, I have sought training to be able to assist more in these areas. Mothers frequently ask about ways to avoid postpartum mood disorders, which lead me to learn to process placentas for encapsulation. I again added to my training by obtaining certification in lactation education and counseling through the University of California at San Diego, allowing me to be a strong resource for breastfeeding. Most recently I completed training as a babywearing educator to help parents hold their little ones close, safely and comfortably. I recognize the importance of the whole spectrum of the perinatal period and am available to assist families from pregnancy and birth through breastfeeding, parenting and beyond.


Bachelors in Biology, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude – Scripps College 2004

DONA Approved Birth Doula Training with Ellie Shea – 2012

American Sign Language for Birth Workers with Tamara Hill – 2012

Rebozo Me Tenderly Rebozo Workshop with Angela Leon – 2012

Reflexology for the Doula with Rebecca Slome – 2013

Infant/Child/Adult CPR Training and Certification – 2013

Couples to Parents Workshop with Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC – 2013

DONA Certified Birth Doula – 2013

DONA Approved TENS Unit Training with Gerri Ryan – 2013

Maternal Mental Health Workshop with the LA County Perinatal Mental
Health Task Force
– 2013

CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training with Darla Burns – 2013

VBAC Facts Workshop with Jen Kamel of – 2013

Introduction to Prenatal Massage for Doulas with Kat Damiano of Om
Organic Massage – 2013

Spinning Babies Workshop with Gail Tully – 2014

From Womb to World with Anna Verwaal – 2014

Certification in Lactation Education and Counseling from the University
of California at San Diego – 2014

Kangaroo Mother Care with Dr. Nils Bergman – 2014

Advanced Birth Doula Training with Two Doulas Birth – 2014

Babywearing for Doulas with Laura Brown – 2015

Babywearing Educator Training with the Center for Babywearing Studies – 2015

How Infant-Attuned Breastfeeding and Infant Carrying Promotes Your
Child’s Development and Your Mutual Attachment with Dr. Henrik Norholt –

Abdominal Binding for Postpartum Healing - 2016


Erin was the doula for my son's birth at Cedars in February 2016. I love Erin! She is gentle, calm, comforting and very knowledgeable about every aspect of prenatal, labor, postpartum and childcare in general. I still implement her tips and advice on babywearing and lactation. During delivery Erin was with me for over 24 hours - and helped with comfort measures and guidance when I had to make hard choices. I highly recommend her!


Erin is absolutely amazing! She did my placenta encapsulation and went above and beyond. She is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. She picked up my placenta and in less than 2 days delivered the pills to me. She even gave me a little keepsake of my umbilical cord spelling the word love. The pills have helped me tremendously! I used them for the first 6 weeks and never felt better. I put the rest in the freezer incase I needed them later. Well around 11 weeks I got a wave of postpartum depression. I started taking the pills again and by the 2nd day I felt completely back to normal. Highly recommended!


Erin is amazing with babies, she's trustworthy, comes on time, and is VERY smart- which gives you a lot of peace of mind when she's taking care of your newborn.  Our baby was really difficult in the beginning and she could always get him to sleep- which also made me feel wonderful leaving him with her.  On top of that- she always had great advice and knew so much about babies, nursing, and swaddling - so I felt she taught me a great deal.

I would highly recommend Erin as a doula!


Southbay doula with her beautiful family, interracial marriage, biracial children
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